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Geoff Jardine and Bruce Thomson established a property management company called Molten Black Property Administration (Pty) Ltd based exclusively within the Johannesburg CBD. While initially established solely to manage LISAM’s property Molten Black has recently begun taking on third party buildings. Molten Black has a letting portfolio of over 1000 residential units and 400 commercial units with a current vacancy rate of 5%. Molten Black offers a fully comprehensive service including – property management, marketing, leasing, billing, collections, reconciliations, facilities and operational management.

Dylan Jennings, Molten Black’s CEO, has been involved in property management since 2009 and a part of the LISAM Group since 2011. Dylan started out by managing various property portfolios for private individuals within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. He built his own property portfolio before selling his shares and joining Geoff and Bruce on their journey to build up a property management company, which he runs today.

Molten Black is committed to creating a professional, fully encumbered property management portfolio that puts the needs of its tenants and property investors at the forefront. The company endeavours to always operate with dignity, integrity and transparency and has gained a reputation in the market for offering honest, cost effective, exclusive properties. They have gained further, more grassroots recognition with tenants who proudly refer to themselves as being ‘Molten Black Tenants’. Moving forward, Molten Black aims to create 60 permanent jobs through the establishment and ongoing running of our property portfolio.

DYLAN JENNINGS | dylan@moltenblack.com

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Geoff Jardine and Bruce Thomson started out buying sectional title apartments in and around the Johannesburg CBD and later specifically in Braamfontein when it was undergoing its rejuvenation in 2007 and 2008. This concentration of properties in Braamfontein led to the establishment of a Property Management Company specifically to manage their portfolio, this management company grew rapidly in size and was sold in 2014 with 700 apartments under management. The reason for the sale was to transfer the expertise learned with multi owner, multi tenant, multi location management to a more focused full title building management which they were developing. This gave them the base for property investment, property management on a sectional title level, financing, development and construction.

LISAM was established to formalize the structure and house the separate operations mentioned above. To start with, this was all done under one entity and had just two employees, Bruce Thomson (Property Management, Marketing, Leasing, Operations and Facilities) and Geoff Jardine (Property Acquisitions, Financing, Development and Construction).

LISAM has formalized its various operations into self-sustaining businesses each handling a specific section of the property cycle outlined above.

Ciara Cullerton | ciara@lisam-investments.com | 079 527 6372

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