Peter Majaha Mbumbi

steel and clay artist

My name is Peter Majaha Mumbi, I am sculptor who works basically in mild steel and clay. I love the my studio at Joziburg with the way the studio lets in light being my favourite part, it keeps my mind refreshed and feeling sharp. there is a relaxed and quiet atmosphere in Joziburg which allows deep and profound contemplation.

I am a socially conscious person, with a lot of the inequalities and injustices that are troubling to me. This is what I want to reflect in my work. But the world is also a beautiful place and this too i aim to reflect in my work. So my work ranges widely, from something as seemingly mundane as a butterfly sculpture to a sculpture that speaks on women’s rights. Sometimes I am driven to capture the beauty of movement,of grace, and power and nothing expresses that better that nature, hence my affinity to the cat, specifically cheetah sculptures.

As I alluded to ,society a lot of injustices and inequalities and I think artists being created the way we were have no choice but to be involved one way or the other. Either as commentators or as activists, whether passively or actively.The moment you make a piece that addresses any current event, you have put your opinion on that event and it is up to you to actively pursue that beyond the work or just leave it as it is.

My advice to artists is to never stop giving in to the artist in you. We are many facets rolled up in one but what drives us is the need to create and as an artist you must nurture and foster the creative in you and let it reign.