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Every apartment building’s offering is unique. However, we strive to provide our Molten Black Family with facilities that are standard throughout our homes.
Stay with us. We offer: laundry facilities, safe parking, finger print access control, 24 hour security and free wifi/wifi ready and dstv ready homes.

Our Buildings

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No. One Eloff

Rainbow building with loft style apartments tailor made for young professionals and those who enjoy an abundance of food, shopping and entertainment within their living space. A community where creativity soars and actors, musicians, fashion brand owners and the like call home.

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Durban Heights

A pan african building focusing on affordability by offering basic co-living spaces to inner city workers. Perfect for those that travel back and forth to their homeground, or those sharing their home with a big family. Basic co-living and large apartments a quick walk from Carlton Centre.

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A clean and safe building with loft style apartments catering to families and those who enjoy a quiet and sporty lifestyle. The in-house safe playground, creche and surrounding schools make this the ideal choice for parents with young children. The indoor soccer pitch encourages healthy social interaction among residents and will soon offer a social soccer league.

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